SINGANI is special
Singani is a clear 80 proof spirit made for nearly 450 years in an exclusive area anchored by the Tarixa region of South America. It is created from a single select variety of aromatic grape using similar distillation methods and equipment as are used for cognac and eau de vie. Singani is an altitude spirit due to its being cultivated and produced exclusively at very high elevations. Although it is frequently taken home in the bags of tourists, it has never been truly exported until now.  See Singani USA.
SINGANI is Unique
Singani is a domain name of origin and a protected geographic indicator which means it can only be produced within its specified landmark boundaries. The terrain is limited. By way of comparison, the domain for champagne is about 82,000 acres whereas the domain for Singani is less than 20,000 acres. Singani is made only at high altitudes, grown and distilled at over 5,250 feet in elevation by government decree. Given the limitations of geography and this spirit's distinctive processing to perfection, Singani is not something that can be mass produced.
SINGANI is Highly Prized
In international blind taste tests conducted in 2009 and again in 2011 under the auspices of the Union des Œnologues de France, Singani was judged "best distilled spirit" and awarded the best-in-show medal over all other liquors in competing categories. This feat, "best distilled spirit" continues to be repeated in open international competition across Europe and America. The gold and grand gold medals on this page are international awards given to Los Parrales of the Kuhlmann distillery in recent years.
Altitude Matters
Singani is produced from vineyards growing from 5,250 feet to over 9,200 feet above sea level, elevations of one to two miles high, epitomizing the spirit of altitude. At these elevations, the air thins and the rays from the sun intensify. Intense solar luminosity and dramatic daily temperature fluctuations create a higher production of terpenols and other aromatic compounds. Stronger UV also boosts the production of anti-oxidants. The rigorous nature of the upland soil (terroir) results in more character and superior taste characteristics than at lower elevations. These attributes combine to create a rare type of spirit that has no equal.

Heritage Matters
Singani distillation was begun in the 1500's. At that time, one of the very few Arch-Episcopal Sees in the New World was located not far from the massive silver mines of Potosi, and settlers began to produce wine there. The affluent residents of Potosi, one of the largest and richest cities in the world in its day, began to ask for a stronger drink with which to celebrate. In a mountain valley near the community of Singani a distilled spirit was produced for the discriminating tastes of the fabulously wealthy. "Singani" has been in production ever since.
SINGANI is made exceptionally well
The grapes are harvested once a year when they are at their peak. Only certain clusters of grapes are selected. The chosen clusters are carefully groomed by hand using small barber's shears so as to retain only the best fruit. These grapes are then de-stemmed and carefully pressed using pneumatic bladder compressors which is kinder to the fruit than cheaper pressing methods. When distilled, only a narrow portion of the "heart" is retained. This practice requires the master distiller to be more careful with the fermentation and distillation processes but it achieves Singani's signature exceptional qualities. Such exacting methods are also important because Singani is rested but not aged, so aging cannot be used to mask imperfections in the product. Singani producers use the highest quality chaudière stills imported from Europe. They take great care with the entire production process to create a spirit with an exceptionally pleasing aroma and delightful aftertastes. Less than 12% of the spirit becomes fine Singani. The exceptional pedigree, origin, and processes make Singani cost more, but the result is extraordinary.
Drinking SINGANI
Many Americans when encountering Singani for the first time describe it as "very smooth" and "aromatic". Others, normally committed to cocktails, say that Singani is easy to drink straight. A characteristic of Singani is that it excludes  methanol and thus has no "burn". It also excludes the congeners that may contribute to a hangover. This makes Singani friendly to you and to your palate. The Singani toast is simple, "Life is good", celebrating what we value of life, friends, family, and those experiences that enrich us. Best wishes from all of us at Singani USA.

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© Singani USA, Silver Spring MD. 40% ABV. Singani is currently considered a brandy by the US government.